Inside the Office of the Attorney General of Texas (Child Support Division): an Expose
(Child Support Division): an Exposé

The inefficiencies of a bumbling, incompetent, arrogant, out-of-control, mismanaged, poorly-run bureaucracy.   An inside look, from a former employee.

The Child Support Division of the Texas Attorney General's Office (Office of the Attorney General of Texas) ... how the AG's office REALLY operates. Child support enforcement, child support modification, paternity, the IV-D system... the Attorney General's Office is in charge of consumer protection, enforcement of pollution laws, prosecution of state officials, etc., yet over half of its employees work for the Child Support Division ... and they STILL can't get the job done.

NOTE: This site contains useful information for the PAYEES and for the PAYORS (the Moms AND the Dads).

Do you have a case with the Office of the Attorney General (Texas) - Child Support Division? Are you wondering why they do the things they do (or DON'T do the things they're supposed to do)?

Does the Attorney General represent me when we go to Court for a hearing?
What's the best way to get the AG's attention?
(believe it or not, this WORKS)
Your phone calls to the AG
You try to call the AG about your case, but you get their automated menu, and you're on hold forever. Is there a better way?
Can I send an email to an AG employee (or lawyer)? Maybe even to the Regional Administrator?
Want to call one of the lawyers who works for the AG? Need a phone number?
Contacting the Attorney General through their official "contacts" webpage (don't expect much)
I want to force the AG to mail me a copy of my file.
Appeals   -   can I file my own three-day appeal?
Why did the Attorney General people stick their noses into my Court case?
Does the Deadbeat Dad Live in another state?
I'm the Father. What can I expect in Court? What should I do?
Why is the AG so inefficient and slow?
The Attorney General's playbook   -   how they operate
What kind of cases does the AG handle?
Brownie points
The Attorney General's computer system
The jewel of the AG: the Garland office (Unit 407)
A case where the AG really messed up
This lady forced the Texas Attorney General to apologize (a true story from 2010).
I want to apply for their services.
Your humble webmaster   -   a little bit about me (my background)
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