Inside the Office of the Attorney General of Texas (Child Support Division): an Expose
(Child Support Division): an Exposé
The inefficiencies of a bumbling, incompetent, arrogant, out-of-control, mismanaged, poorly-run bureaucracy.   An inside look, from a former employee.

The Freedom of Information Act
  -   Your Secret Weapon

The Freedom of Information Act is a law that allows you to DEMAND that the Attorney General mail you a copy of your file!   All you have to do is send them a letter   -   it doesn't have to be anything fancy   -   telling them that you want it.   Mail it to the local unit that's handling your case.   And they HAVE to mail you a copy of your file.   It's the law.

Make sure (1) that you put a DATE on the letter; (2) that you include your mailing address; and (3) that you send it by certified mail (as of September 2018, the total postage is $6.75).

And yes, I know it works, because I've used it against them.   They WILL send it to you.

And   -   believe it or not   -   if a particular AG employee (even one of their lawyers, or the Regional Administrator) is rude to you, you can demand a copy of his entire personnel file (you'll need to know his full name)!   Do it with a freedom of information act request letter.   You don't even have to give them a reason for wanting it.   Wouldn't it be interesting to find out that this employee has been disciplined in the past for being rude to people just like you?

You can send the letter to a "branch office," or to the head office:

Office of the Attorney General
PO Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548