Inside the Texas Attorney General's Office (Child Support Division): an Expose
(Child Support Division):
an Exposé
The inefficiencies of a stupid, bumbling, incompetent, out-of-control,
poorly-run bureaucracy.   An inside look, from a former employee.

Your Humble Webmaster

I worked for years in one of the Ft. Worth area field offices.   I put in lots of uncompensated overtime ... took my job seriously ... did more than I had to ... volunteered for extra projects ... and pumped up their precious statistics so they'd look good when they begged the legislature for more money at the end of the fiscal year (the AGs' fiscal year ends on August 31).   The reason: I actually cared.   I was genuinely concerned about people who wanted to see that their children got fed.

My reward?   I was fired ... for political reasons.

The AG has a written policy about how employees will be treated fairly.   It is a lie.   If one of those worthless politically-entrenched upper-level career-bureaucrat jerks wants you out, you're out.   And you get five minutes' notice.

Yes, I have bad feelings about this pathetic, poorly-run, waste-of-space bureaucracy.   But every word on this website is 100% true.   I know.   I was there.