Inside the Office of the Attorney General of Texas (Child Support Division): an Expose
(Child Support Division): an Exposé
The inefficiencies of a bumbling, incompetent, arrogant, out-of-control, mismanaged, poorly-run bureaucracy.   An inside look, from a former employee.

Does the Attorney General Represent
ME When We Go to Court?

NO.   Absolutely not, Mom.

And I can prove it.   Section 231.109(d) of the Texas Family Code says, "An attorney employed to provide Title IV-D services [i.e., one of the AG's attorneys] represents the interest of the state and not the interest of any other party."

If you don't believe me, next time you're talking to an AG lawyer, just ask him, "Do you represent me?"

You might say, "So what?   Why is that important?"   For one very special reason:  If they screw up your case, you can't sue them for malpractice.

Can one sue an attorney for malpractice?   YES.   But only if he "officially" represents the aggrieved person.

This takes a lot of pressure off the AG lawyers.   They can treat you like you're nothing.